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Decentralized advertising network community fund.

By contributing to the community fund, you will get highly targeted traffic throughout the advertising network


Smart Contract Info

TronAdz Smart Contract Address
Pool Countdown Timer 00:00:00
Amount in the Daily Top Sponsor Pool 0.00000 TRX
Amount in Whalepool 0.00000 TRX
TronAdz Smart Contract Balance 0 TRX
Amount withdrawn by TronAdz members 0 TRX
Maximum volume of TRX from TronAdz to top referrer 0
Total TRX All Time Deposited 0


Total Income 0 TRX
Total amount of invested TRX 0 TRX
Next Investment: double of previous investment 0 TRX

Personal Statistics

Next income countdown 00:00:00
300% income limit remains 0 TRX
Daily income 1% 0 TRX
Direct referral income 0 TRX
Matching bonus 0 TRX
Top Sponsor Rewards 0 TRX
Whalepool rewards 0 TRX
Premium Adz 0 TRX
Income withdrawn to wallet 0 TRX
Unwithdrawn Income 0 TRX

My Organization

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